Facial Nut Oil

Facial Nut Oil

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Skin-to-Skin Facial Nut Oil & Makeup Remover

Okay, so the day is over, and now it's time to say goodbye to this morning's makeup. So go ahead and add our Facial Nut Oil & make-Up Remover to your evening routine. The lightweight, non-greasy formula helps to cleanse skin pores deeply, removes skin blemishes facial makeup, and replenishes moisture-depleted skin with a glow-enhancing finish.


Key Benefits of our Skin-to-Skin Facial Nut Oil & Make-Up Remover

Pure and Natural
Effectively Removes Makeup, Dirt, and other Impurities
Free of chemicals and ingredients harmful to the skin
Deeply cleanses skin pores prevent acne and breakouts
Suitable for All Skin Types

Main ingredients

Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Vitamin E

Care Instructions

Apply a nickel size amount to the palm of your hand. Massage onto damp face and neck in upwards and outwards motion for night time moisturizing serum. 
Make-up removal pump a small amount on on remover pas or cloth starting from forehead ti remove makeup residue. Follow up with facial cleanser.